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A simple and casual blog/vlog about Social Media. I will bring you news, critiques, tips, and the occasional social media #fail and #win.

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There will be some changes being made to “That Social Media Blog” and they are going to be very positive. I am on a personal branding mission and I will be taking ownership of That Social Media Blog by integrating it into my own social networks. I have spent over a year building up TSMB and now it is time for me to take what I have learned and make it mine. There will be some graphic changes and you will most likely see me delete my @ThatSMBlog in favor of my @HarmsWayChad account. So most of my blog posts will now be routed to that account. My Facebook fanpage will also change graphically but it will stay the same. My Youtube channel will only change slightly graphically. Now is the time for me to brand myself as a innovator and creative and not let my blog take credit for it. 

Not all Impressions are Good. 

A wonderful video from @Garyvee on debating the context of the impression.

You might want to turn up the volume just a little…. 

Are you involved in a Multi Level Marketing Business? Here are my thoughts and feelings about it. #MLM 

My thoughts on Facebook’s recent change in privacy and the ability to contact people via Private Messages. 

As a brand/business/person of interest you need to be aware of life events and news in your social media feed. Too many businesses are falling into the mistake of buffering their posts and forgetting about it. This is a dangerous practice and as a business you should be aware of what is going on in the world and stop those posts before it is too late. 

Just a quick update of what is going on and what is to come! 

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been on hiatus lately. Finals are upon me and I have been hustling as hard as I can to make sure I graduate. You know what happens when I graduate right? MORE CONTENT and MORE VIDEOS! Yes you heard me right…..more awesome content and videos. I will be able to put more focus on my blog to provide all of you with great information, blogs, vlogs, random social media news, and fail blogs. 

If you would be so kind as to click on the picture and nominate my blog for the 4th Annual  Social Media Blog Contest. Brought to you by “Social Media Examiner.” I know my blog isn’t as good as some of those but this would definately drive me to provide an awesome experience to all of you TSMB readers/watchers. 

Cheers everyone and wish me luck!

This is exactly what I do before I do any of my Vlogs! 

This is exactly what I do before I do any of my Vlogs! 

I am looking into re-vamping how I do my vlog and I thought of a couple different formats to use and I thought about doing “Just the Tip” I know it sounds provocative but it is actually going to be a set of videos that does what it says. I will give a simple Social Media Tip at the basic level for those up and coming Social Media-philes and perhaps look into some advanced tips for those already established and are looking into enhancing their abilities as well. 

As some of you know I have decided to make sure I graduate this semester and this leads me to taking 22 units of pure college awesomeness! I am taking four classes at Fresno Pacific University, one class at the local community college and one class online. Put this on top of working full time during the day and you get one busy dude. So my content will be a little slow getting out and might be a little delayed but bear with me please because this is all for the best for me and when it is all said and done I will be sure to bring you even better blogs, vlogs and content! 

Thank you