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Hey everyone! Sorry I have been on hiatus lately. Finals are upon me and I have been hustling as hard as I can to make sure I graduate. You know what happens when I graduate right? MORE CONTENT and MORE VIDEOS! Yes you heard me right…..more awesome content and videos. I will be able to put more focus on my blog to provide all of you with great information, blogs, vlogs, random social media news, and fail blogs. 

If you would be so kind as to click on the picture and nominate my blog for the 4th Annual  Social Media Blog Contest. Brought to you by “Social Media Examiner.” I know my blog isn’t as good as some of those but this would definately drive me to provide an awesome experience to all of you TSMB readers/watchers. 

Cheers everyone and wish me luck!

 Memes, we love them they make us chuckle and laugh at their sarcastic style of simple comedy. I find myself looking at many different memes a day. What I have a problem with is the constant use of them for lack of content. I have been finding more and more businesses using memes in place of quality content. I have found memes to get quick likes and comments but as a business you need to provide your likers/followers and the such with quality content to engage with and read as well as something fun every once in a while. So if you find yourself posting memes all the time or if your “Social Media Manager” is posting just memes you might want to re-evaluate your position and change your direction. Memes might get an instant reaction but quality content will provide a lasting impression.

#TSMB #Win of the day belongs to #KFC #CANADA I LOL’d IRL! 

#TSMB #Win of the day belongs to #KFC #CANADA I LOL’d IRL! 

If you are struggling with trying to produce “great” content for your business or blog be sure to start engaging your clients/customers and followers. The content will come from those conversations. Let the people guide you in what content they are interested in. 

Keep in mind a good conversation will reveal great content all you need to do is watch and listen to what your customers/clients want. 

Any business/brand/corporation that utilizes Social Media should have a “Crisis Management Plan” in order. As I stated in my last blog you can see the major backlash from potential customers toward Kitchenaid because of some amateur who forgot to change over to his/her personal account. All business should have a plan in line just in case something like this happens. Kitchenaid had a very reactive approach and seemed to not know what to say. If they had a sound “Crisis Management Plan” in order this could have ended differently. So if you are a Social Media Manager or any position of the such I would recommend working with your top officials on coming up with a plan to make sure that this does not happen for your business/brand/corporation. 

My 2 Cents in 2 Minutes: 2 major business/brand pet peeves! 

This is a public service announcement to tell all businesses please do not fall for this type of scam/trap. There are many websites and people out there selling pre-populated Facebook Pages and Groups and although it seems like a good thing IT IS NOT! I have already wrote a blog about the 6 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a pre-populated Facebook page please go and check it out.

If you are a business and you have been scammed into buying one of these pages/groups please message me on Facebook at or find me on Twitter @ThatSMBlog  so we can talk about it and turn the page around and give value to your true costumers and provide quality content to people who matter! Remember it is not about the numbers it is all about the relationship and the engagement of the community! 

Did you know that in Australia court notices and summons can be sent through Facebook and are considered to be legally binding! 

So I have decided that I am going to not do anything social media related for a few days. There will be no check ins, posts, tweets, youtube, cinegram, instagram or anything. I am going to document through pictures and videos of what I am doing in a collage to be shown later about my time without social media. 

If anyone knows me they know that Social Media has become a big part of my life and I am constantly learning and wanting to know more but for these few days I am going to try as best as possible to not check anything and I want you all to keep me true to that. If you see my posting something then call me out! 

The reason I am doing this is to once again get to the roots of social media and that is creating relationships. I am going on a trip by myself and I am out to create relationships and make connections without the use of social media. In all honesty if you are unable to create real relationships and friendships then how are you going to be able to create virtual ones?

I have not done one of these in a long while but today I feel I should spotlight Sims Snowboards and their awesome presence on Twitter. I have tweeted to many snowboard companies but none of them responds as quickly as this company.  For this reason why I feel I need to give them the official Social Media Spotlight.

It all started with a simple tweet coming from Wildfire we were talking about the new “Want” button that Facebook might implementing and they asked a simple question.


In return, I told them what I would like and here is my response in jest.


Now Sims had no clue of what was actually going on in the conversation but it is what they did that amazed me. They quickly caught up and gave an awesome response, which is below.

When most companies would choose not to respond or get confused, Sims caught up and gave a equally funny response and from then on it was a great conversation with all of us. JP Marketing and Sims had their own conversation going on and they answered my questions about a board that I was interested in. They even gave me a sneak peak of one of the new boards!  Sims sets a great example of how to have a conversation and create a relationship over Twitter. Many other snowboard companies should take note and learn a thing or two from a company that has been around for many years and they are still innovating and rocking customers socks! DON’T FORGET SIMS DID IT FIRST!