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"Oh look it’s shiny, I have to have it."

"This is going to be the new Facebook, we have to be on it."

"What is this Twitter thing and why are we not on it!"


Despite what some may say and what you may have heard, you do not need to be on all social media platforms. Let me state that again if there is any confusion……YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!

I have been coming across brand after brand that have the mentality that they need to be on all social media platforms because a “professional” or “guru” told them they should be. They get there and set up the account and add their graphics and then………………yep you got it nothing! Each platform acts differently, what works on Facebook doesn’t always translate or transfer well to Twitter or to Google+ for that matter. So unless you have some unique content for each platform I would suggest to stick to the ones you understand and the ones that work best for you. 

So if instagram gives you the most play and you are rocking it then stay on there and focus on that and make that platform rock socks! If you figured out that Youtube just isn’t producing the results you are looking for but your brand rocks Vine all kinds then keep working on that platform! 

It is ok to cut ties with a social media platform if it isn’t producing the results you are looking for. Just focus on the platform that is producing the desired results and make that experience awesome for everyone.

Social Media Shelf Life! 

Been thinking more and more about my blog and the direction it is going… this going to be a blog about social media news? Or about social media tips and tricks? Will it just be a blog about social media wins and fails? So in thinking about what is coming next for my blog I have decided on focusing on the broader social media picture and how it can apply to your business/brand. I will still offer the occasional social media “win” and social media “fail” because brands need to know what to do and what not to do. 

I hope this new direction of mine entices more readers and more people to share the content I have provided. So if you have any recommendations or anything you would like to see on my blog I am up for suggestions at any time! 

Thank you for reading!


There will be some changes being made to “That Social Media Blog” and they are going to be very positive. I am on a personal branding mission and I will be taking ownership of That Social Media Blog by integrating it into my own social networks. I have spent over a year building up TSMB and now it is time for me to take what I have learned and make it mine. There will be some graphic changes and you will most likely see me delete my @ThatSMBlog in favor of my @HarmsWayChad account. So most of my blog posts will now be routed to that account. My Facebook fanpage will also change graphically but it will stay the same. My Youtube channel will only change slightly graphically. Now is the time for me to brand myself as a innovator and creative and not let my blog take credit for it. 

Social Media and the Super Bowl. Who is going to bring it this year?

Our friends in New Zealand (I personally don’t have any but it sounded good) have just started to see some changes on the FB Timeline. There is a set of tabs just below your cover photo and a new “Collections Manager” that lets you customize what content will be at the top of your Timeline. 

For the full story and more information click on the picture below.

Photo Credit - Mashable 

Pretty much sums it up right there. Can brands/business stop with these types of posts already? #likeif #shareif 

Pretty much sums it up right there. Can brands/business stop with these types of posts already? #likeif #shareif 

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been on hiatus lately. Finals are upon me and I have been hustling as hard as I can to make sure I graduate. You know what happens when I graduate right? MORE CONTENT and MORE VIDEOS! Yes you heard me right…..more awesome content and videos. I will be able to put more focus on my blog to provide all of you with great information, blogs, vlogs, random social media news, and fail blogs. 

If you would be so kind as to click on the picture and nominate my blog for the 4th Annual  Social Media Blog Contest. Brought to you by “Social Media Examiner.” I know my blog isn’t as good as some of those but this would definately drive me to provide an awesome experience to all of you TSMB readers/watchers. 

Cheers everyone and wish me luck!

#TSMB #Win of the day belongs to #KFC #CANADA I LOL’d IRL! 

#TSMB #Win of the day belongs to #KFC #CANADA I LOL’d IRL! 

So, it all started with a tweet from @likeablemedia saying I had won a contest and I had the pleasure of a small twitter conversation with @madSMscientist that led me to this simple yet awesome landing page. Brooke Ballard is the main lady in charge of BSquared and I have to admit I have not looked over their services nor their current clients…all I cared about were the text. “THINK CONVERSATION NOT CAMPAIGN” this tells me they have the right mentality in the Social Media realm. It is about the engagement and relationship and the word campaign for me just seems so impersonal. If you are involved in Social Media, you should understand it is not about the “numbers”, “likes”, or “followers” it is truly about the conversation and the engagement with your customers/clients/families or whatever you choose to call them. When you create a relationship with them there will never be a second though about whom they will buy or seek services from. A wise man told me “never give anyone a reason to shop around” and by creating that, relationship and bringing great service as well, your clients will never want to leave. 

I am going to shoot from the hip here and say that Brooke and her team are probably doing many things right with Social Media engagement and building relationships. I would suggest following her on and twitter and BSquared as well!