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Quench Your Social Media Thirst in 60 Minutes.

I have said this many times before and I will agree with this soda can. The minimum your brand should spend on social media is an hour a day. That is the minimum not the maximum. Now your times may vary depending on what platform you utilize the most and where you are putting forth the most effort but I think you get the idea.

Been thinking more and more about my blog and the direction it is going… this going to be a blog about social media news? Or about social media tips and tricks? Will it just be a blog about social media wins and fails? So in thinking about what is coming next for my blog I have decided on focusing on the broader social media picture and how it can apply to your business/brand. I will still offer the occasional social media “win” and social media “fail” because brands need to know what to do and what not to do. 

I hope this new direction of mine entices more readers and more people to share the content I have provided. So if you have any recommendations or anything you would like to see on my blog I am up for suggestions at any time! 

Thank you for reading!



If you haven’t changed the password to your brands/businesses social media accounts in over three months you should probably get on that!

Here are some helpful ideas on how to pick a better password and how to manage your various social media platforms passwords.

  1. Create a password that is more than 8 characters.
  2. Much like those captcha’s it is good to pick a random selection of words.
  3. Add familiar numbers to your password.
  4. If you want added security add punctuation marks #&$*#&
  5. If you are finding it hard to remember all of the passwords you have made for your various accounts I suggest a word document, notes, or if you want to invest into 1Password (it’s what I use) to keep all your passwords in check. They even have a random password generator for you! 

Just know that hackers and phishers are out and they are looking to take over your brand/business account (especially if its high profile) so you need to take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening! 

This is a public service announcement to tell all businesses please do not fall for this type of scam/trap. There are many websites and people out there selling pre-populated Facebook Pages and Groups and although it seems like a good thing IT IS NOT! I have already wrote a blog about the 6 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a pre-populated Facebook page please go and check it out.

If you are a business and you have been scammed into buying one of these pages/groups please message me on Facebook at or find me on Twitter @ThatSMBlog  so we can talk about it and turn the page around and give value to your true costumers and provide quality content to people who matter! Remember it is not about the numbers it is all about the relationship and the engagement of the community! 

My blog/Vlog is about being a Social Media Enthusiasts in a sea of wannabe professionals. It is about bringing personality and opinion into my blog making it unique! It is about creating a greater connection with you out there with me and making something that far exceeds anything that anyone else is doing.

Social Media Cookie Cutters. Those Social Media professionals out there who use the same techniques no matter what the business is! These people who claim to have the “Winning Formula” are full of crap! 

My new Rant about what truly is important. Also what Social media can never give us! 


This is a Social Media blog and I am sure that most of you have read and heard the basic component of Social Media, which is to engage! Yes, this word that you have heard repeatedly, and read in many articles and blogs. ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE! Yes, this is the simplest form of Social Media. Social Media is only a coined term by agencies and media to describe what it is.

            If you are the proud owner of a Facebook fan-page or a Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster, Pinterest, Socialcam, Gentlemint, and so many more and do not know what to do with these things that some younger employee or friend told you to get. Then the smallest thing you can do to get the ball rolling and creating relationships with your clients, customers, or potentials is to simply talk. Many “professionals” in the realm of the Social Media and Content marketing use the term “engage” that is a very exciting term but can be a little intimidating as well. How do you engage someone, well everyone is different. I prefer to simply have a conversation. Each platform has a way for you to see if people are talking about your business or your product. Post questions and let your customers/clients do the work for you by expanding on what you have posted and interject on occasion. Let them know they are being heard and you are listening. Just like a regular conversation between two people or more. Create a simple conversation this is the simplest form of social media. There are many people out there sharing what they do, where they go, and what they are going to eat. So why not be a part of this conversation that is already going on?

            This is truly the starting point to making your efforts worthwhile and turn into the relationships that you want out of your clients, customers, or potentials. The simple connection of the conversation we all do it in the real world so why not bring these conversations to the virtual world. Say hello, say thank you. But, at very least just say something!

Please tell me someone gets the picture reference…….

         I have been one of the lucky recipients to contribute to the new “Pinterest” sites called “Gentlemint” it is the guys’ version of Pinterest. I may seem a little redundant with that. It is seemingly still in beta phase in my opinion. 

         With Pinterest there are many women out there talking, commenting, liking, and sharing. They have now cornered the market for Social Media amongst women. This site (not knowing if this would happen) has turned into the biggest past time for women than Facebook. Now Facebook got it right with allowing Pinterest to be a part of their app community. I have talked to many women and they love Pinterest for the fact that you can share so much information and it is all posted for everyone to see and share as well. 

         With Gentlemint it is still a fairly small community. In my personal opinion guys lean more toward liking rather than sharing and commenting. Now do not get me wrong, it is still a small community. With my account I have been liked and commented on quit a bit. However, with any Social Media it is all in frequency of posts and when. Since this is still a small community my posts will last at least a few days. I have to say I appreciate the guys’ doppelganger to a female dominated site. I do have a Pinterest account but I do not use it because I feel what I have to post be not valid as it would be in Gentlemint. 

         I do have to say when Pinterest hit I thought of a “only male” driven site similar and I coined the name “Manterest” but most of the people I brought it up to decided it was only going to be a site of “porn” and “tits and ass” I felt that it would actually be an intellectual community of Men sharing manly things. Then came Gentlemint something that I had dreamed about and I have to say even though it is a small community I appreciate it and the people who contribute to it. As soon as they start allowing for invites I want to invite you! Yes you manly men! Take part and enjoy postings about beards and guns and cars! Because is soon to be one of your favorite places to be!