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Don’t shelf your ideas…make them happen.

Share with all your Friends! #RT 

Share with all your Friends! #RT 

If you want the best way for people to look at and share your content then all you need to do is simply do it for others. When you start sharing, retweeting, and repinning other people’s content then they will most likely start looking at yours and reciprocating. So when you come across a good article, video, blog, picture and music from someone share with your friends and contacts! The people who posted will be appreciative and they will want to do the same for you! 

So be a Content Share Bear and the results will be returned! #SocialMediaKarma

My 2 Cents in 2 Minutes: 2 major business/brand pet peeves! 

Ok when you are involved in social media marketing you try hard to find those “brand ambassadors” the ones who share content, tweet about you, “like” your photo’s and posts, Retweet, and comment on your blog. Businesses spend great amounts of money for marketing (inbound) agencies to recognize these people. 

These “brand ambassadors’ are truly vital for a company. They are the ones who influence their friends and the people who “follow” and “like” them. These people are invaluable and they need to be recognized. 

Well upon posting a photo to Facebook’s awesome Timeline (sarcasm) for a company that I work for I noticed something that I did not like. When the photo was shared I was only able to see only the “friends” of mine who have shared this photo on their own page. This is a major problem amongst businesses who want to find those people who promote the business. Granted their analytics have improved and I know you can see who has commented and “liked” the post but sharing is much bigger. Sharing on their wall something your business has posted reaches far greater the amount of people over liking and commenting. So the inability to see which particular people shared your post, photo, video, contest, or anything is truly taking away an aspect of marketing that a business strives to have. Like I said above businesses pay lots of money to find out who their brand ambassoders are and Facebook has stripped that away. 

I truly believe that Facebook has become rather business unfriendly in favor of selling its soul to its own adspace. They want businesses to buy their ads and promise “premium” adspace and can deliver results. They no longer want a business to market themselves and they call tell businesses to tell a “story” as if people care. I am not saying that Facebook is still not valid for businesses and that businesses cannot market on Facebook. I am only saying Facebook has not truly been business friendly from the beginning and I feel because of this they will be missing out on something greater. They had a great “check in” type program for business that should have been expanded and promoted. I knew a lot of businesses that would have used that over “foursquare” or “groupon.” They dropped that option to go for the Google method and that is “ads” overall. 

I do like some of the aspects of Timeline and I feel they can be utilized properly to market any business but I still feel that Facebook is not business friendly. Not yet anyways. 

Facebook Timeline for Brands and Businesses and what it means for you!